Teaching the French language...


"I took early retirement and moved to France some years ago. I soon realised that my French was not good enough so started lessons. Eighteen months later I was getting nowhere. Then I found Juliet on the Internet. What a difference!! The lessons are organised in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You can do as little or as much homework / revision as you want. With Juliet my confidence is growing week by week and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn, young or old."
says Babs from Mantilly (61)

“L’Association Franco - Britannique de Buais was set up for French and English people in the area who want to understand and speak each other’s language better.
Juliet works with students of all ages and levels of understanding. She uses a variety of approaches in her classes to suit different ways of learning. Her lessons cover the important grammar rules, listening skills, comprehension and discussion. 
I am impressed by the thoroughness with which Juliet prepares her lessons, the feedback given and her ability to accommodate the needs of each individual attending her classes…”
says Maggie from Buais (50)

"I have been living in France for a number of years now and my inability to speak the language has become more and more frustrating! So, having decided to do something about it, I am absolutely thrilled to have found Juliet. Her classes are well structured, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and I am thoroughly enjoying the sessions." says Fay from Parigny (50)

"I retired to France two years ago, but was back and forth to England and never settled long enough to think about learning French. I made the conscious decision to try to learn the language - easier said than done! After finding Juliet on the Internet and having a long chat about my goals, we made a start. After only twelve lessons, I am comfortable going into shops, introducing myself and making simple conversation. I never thought I could do this and the reason I can is that Juliet has made it fun and given me the belief that I can speak French. The bonus is that it's very affordable for a retired person. " says Steve from Lassy (14).